"As luck would have it". Directed by Álex de la Iglesia. Two Nominations in the Goya Awards 2012.
"As luck would have it". Directed by Álex de la Iglesia. Two Nominations in the Goya Awards 2012.Salma Hayek, Nominated for Best ActressÁlex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang, in the Goya Awards 2012Salma Hayek with her husband, François Henri Pinault, in the Goya Awards 2012.José Mota in the Goya Awards 2012.José Mota, Nominated for Best New ActorPilar Barreiro (Mayor of Cartagena), Andrés Vicente Gómez (Productor), Ximo Pérez (Productor), Álex de la Iglesia y Salma Hayek in the presentation of the movie to the press.Andrés Vicente Gómez, Ximo Pérez, Marina García (General Manager of Tourism of the Autonomous Community), Pilar Barreiro (Mayor of Cartagena), and Álex de la Iglesia with the Actors of the movie.Roberto (José Mota). A jobless advertising agent, rejected by all the agencies where he seeks employment, creator of the very well-known slogan "La chispa de la vida" (The spark of live).Luisa (Salma Hayek). Brave wife of Roberto. Salma Hayek and Eduardo Casanova. Frame.Blanca Portillo (Mercedes) and Juan Luís Galiardo (Mayor), in a sequence of the movie.Juajo Puigcorbé (TV. Director). Frame.Santiago Segura (David Solar, an old friend of  Roberto).Fernando Tejero (Johnny , and artists´ representative hired by Roberto). Frame.Antonio Garrido (Dr. Velasco).Carolina Bang (Pilar Álvarez, Reporter "España Directo").After suffering a serious accident, Roberto decides to sell the story of his life to the media.Most of the film was shot in the Roman Theater of Cartagena.José Mota. A change in genre - from comedy to drama.Álex de la Iglesia, Salma Hayek and José Mota, during the shooting.Beginning of the shooting.Manuel Tafallé (Claudio).In shooting.Premiere in Madrid - Álex de la Iglesia and José MotaPremiere in Madrid - Carolina BangPremiere in Madrid - Dafne FernándezPremiere in Madrid - Inma CuestaPremiere in Madrid - Joaquín ReyesPremiere in Madrid - José Mota and his wife.Premiere in Madrid - Lucía RamosPremiere in Madrid - Macarena GómezPremiere in Madrid - Nuria RocaPremiere in Madrid - José Bono and Natalia FigueroaPremiere in Madrid. Álex de la Iglesia, with Mr.José Ignacio Wert, Minister of Education, Culture and Sports.Premiere in Madrid - Cristina RodriguezPremiere in Madrid - Juan Luis GaliardoPremiere in Madrid - Juajo PuigcorbéPremiere in Madrid - Santiago SeguraPremiere in Madrid - Blanca Portillo"As luck would have it" in Berlin Festival"As luck would have it" in the Tribeca Film Festival.Robert de Niro and Jane Rosenthal, both co-founders of the Tribeca Film FestivalSalma Hayek and Álex de la Iglesia in Tribeca.